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fall into step (with somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfall into step (with somebody)fall into step (with somebody)a) WALKto start walking beside someone at the same speed as them Maggie fell into step beside her. b) to start thinking or doing the same as other people The administration has fallen into step with its European allies on this issue. step
Examples from the Corpus
fall into step (with somebody)The great horse Koulash galloped forward to join the Tsar's horses, and fell into step with them.Once again, Blue falls into step with Black, perhaps even more harmoniously than before.Instead he fell into step, and they went on from there.The Clinton administration, after some hesitation, fell into step behind Paris.The senator fell into step beside me while some of Bonefish's smaller children followed at a safe distance.They fell into step on the slush-covered path.She walked to the door, trying her hardest to ignore the man who fell into step beside her.
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