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fall into the hands/clutches of somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfall into the hands/clutches of somebodyfall into the hands/clutches of somebodyif something or someone falls into the hands of an enemy or dangerous person, the enemy etc gets control or possession of them He wants to prevent the business falling into the hands of a competitor. We must not let these documents fall into the wrong hands. fall
Examples from the Corpus
fall into the wrong handsA crossed cheque therefore gives some protection against fraud if it falls into the wrong hands.And images of Kurds on tape could fall into the wrong hands.But some gun dealers have stopped selling replicas, because they're worried about them falling into the wrong hands.I will never allow Kirsty to fall into the wrong hands.Pentagon officials say they have already had some success reducing the risk that nuclear materials will fall into the wrong hands.Voice over Mr Foulkes is seeking Government safeguards to prevent Rayo from falling into the wrong hands.Cards falling into the wrong hands cost the industry three hundred pounds every minute.
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