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fall/land on your feet

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfall/land on your feetfall/land on your feetto get into a good situation because you are lucky, especially after being in a difficult situation Don’t worry about Nina, she always falls on her feet. foot
Examples from the Corpus
fall/land on your feetHe pushed the floor, and flipped over in the air, landing on his feet.After some ups and downs, young Mr Davison has landed on his feet.Forgive the cliché, but for once I have fallen on my feet.Jonathon is a trained musician filling in as a cleaner between jobs and he fell on his feet at the Oxford Playhouse.However he landed on his feet.Even in an industry that shrinks faster than microwave bacon, the good people landed on their feet.This is a company that tends to land on its feet.
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