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fall on deaf ears

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfall on deaf earsfall on deaf earsIGNOREif advice or a warning falls on deaf ears, everyone ignores it deaf
Examples from the Corpus
fall on deaf earsAs rioting continued, Mayor Warren appealed for calm, but his words fell on deaf ears.Those words fell on deaf ears.His pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears.The workers' demand for a wage increase has fallen on deaf ears.Their requests fell on deaf ears.But my suggestions fell on deaf ears.Invitations by Paredes to the various governors to second his plan fell on deaf ears.Pleas that the couple and their two young children will be homeless and facing financial ruin have fallen on deaf ears.Until Friday, such complaints appeared to fall on deaf ears at the Treasury.They formulated a programme of demands, but these fell on deaf ears in Petrograd.Arguments that some of the skills practised by pupils are obsolete fall on deaf ears, or are heeded only very slowly.
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