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fall victim/prey to something/somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfall victim/prey to something/somebodyfall victim/prey to something/somebodyGETto get a very serious illness or be attacked or deceived by someone Breastfed babies are less likely to fall victim to stomach disorders. people who fall victim to violence fall
Examples from the Corpus
fall victim/prey to something/somebodyIt really seems as if some drivers fall prey to a death wish when freezing fog descends.You have to assume that Mobs will occasionally fall prey to animosity come what may.But he suddenly fell victim to his own pride and courage.A number of woodcutters and honey-hunters have fallen victim to Sunderbans tigers.All these animals, and others, had fallen prey to the apprentice hunters.Even Jim Harrick fell victim to the mood.Surely Cynthia didn't fall victim to the same fear?This way, Tucson can avoid falling prey to wildcat subdivisions on its fringes.
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