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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfallaciousfal‧la‧cious /fəˈleɪʃəs/ adjective formal  WRONG/INCORRECTcontaining or based on false ideas Such an argument is misleading, if not wholly fallacious.fallaciously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
fallaciousIf we are to avoid this foundationalist conclusion we shall have to show that the regress argument is fallacious.Sometimes these views are based on reasoning that an economist would judge fallacious.Such a bill would be entirely fallacious.The either-or argument is of course as unfair as it is fallacious.Of course, continued Durieu, this is a fallacious approach.a fallacious argumentThis is fallacious, as a study of esoteric teachings soon makes clear.This development was usually formally fallacious, as the philosopher G. E. Moore pointed out.In these circumstances facile and fallacious deductions about the consequences of having abolished the death penalty were bound to be rife.
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