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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfallenfall‧en1 /ˈfɔːlən $ ˈfɒːl-/ verb  XXthe past participle of fall1
Examples from the Corpus
fallenFirst, women were probably regarded as more hopelessly incorrigible, more totally irredeemable when fallen.The sun has now fallen behind the uneven horizon of buildings.Waiting game on hospital lists Hospital waiting lists have fallen by more than 100,000 since the general election.But eventually it had all fallen into his lap, and Sarah with it.Fearless until now, I suddenly remembered the reason why pressure cookers had fallen out of favor.The hon. Gentleman will be delighted to know that unemployment in the Holloway area has fallen since 1987.Most of the surrounding marshland had fallen to the crippling infection.
fallenfallen2 adjective  1 FALL[only before noun] on the ground after falling down The road was blocked by a fallen tree. fallen leaves2 a fallen woman3 the fallen
Examples from the Corpus
fallenKopyion pulled out the old revolver stolen from the Academician's apartment and moved over the fallen figure.She ducked her head in, and tried to go deeper before making towards the fallen flare.Out of her window she watched the wind whisking fallen leaves along the gutter into pavement-high stacks of yellow and brown.A couple of inmates were collecting fallen leaves and stuffing them into black bags.Klift lay beneath the fallen slab, broken in body and mind.
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