Date: 900-1000
Language: Latin
Origin: falsus, from fallere 'to deceive'


false S3 W3


a statement, story etc that is false is completely untrue:
Please decide whether the following statements are true or false.
false accusations


based on incorrect information or ideas:
I don't want to give you any false hopes.
The statement gives us a false impression that we understand something when we do not.
false assumptions about people of other cultures
a false sense of security (=a feeling of being safe when you are not really safe)

not real

a) not real, but intended to seem real and deceive people:
The drugs were hidden in a suitcase with a false bottom.
The man had given a false name and address.

not sincere

not sincere or honest, and pretending to have feelings that you do not really have:
She's so false.
a false laugh
'You played brilliantly.' 'Not really,' Ian replied with false modesty.

false economy

something that you think will save you money but which will really cost you more:
It's a false economy not to have travel insurance.

under false pretences

if you get something under false pretences, you get it by deceiving people:
He was accused of obtaining money under false pretences.

false move/step

a small movement or action that will result in harm:
One false move and you're dead.

false imprisonment/arrest

the illegal act of putting someone in prison or arresting them for a crime they have not committed

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