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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfalsehoodfalse‧hood /ˈfɔːlshʊd $ ˈfɒːls-/ noun formal  1 [countable]LIE/TELL A LIE a statement that is untrue syn lie Saunders is deliberately telling a falsehood.2 LIE/TELL A LIE[uncountable] the practice of telling lies syn lying No one had accused me of falsehood before.3 [uncountable] the state of not being true opp truth Most people believe in right and wrong, truth and falsehood.
Examples from the Corpus
falsehoodWhy Campbell had chosen to spread such a falsehood is a mystery.Yet again, it was a falsehood which she would need to explain and correct.Others again have taken as the play's essence the need to reconcile not truth and falsehood but competing truths.They have a duty to set the record straight, otherwise they are conniving at falsehood.The action of malicious or injurious falsehood has both similarities to, and important differences from, an action for libel.And some high priests have told falsehoods.
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