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familiarize yourself/somebody with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfamiliarize yourself/somebody with somethingfamiliarize yourself/somebody with somethingto learn about something so that you understand it, or to teach someone else about something so that they understand it Employees must familiarize themselves with the health and safety manual. familiarize
Examples from the Corpus
familiarize yourself/somebody with somethingTaylor familiarized himself with existing designs, borrowing features from several.Jules, you can accompany Alice and familiarize yourself with London.Besides, the way our winter has been going, it seemed like the year to familiarize myself with snowshoes.To familiarize pupils with the creation and use of a database. 3.Worcester was a good quiet place to begin, he said, to familiarize myself with the feel of the stage.These programs familiarize trainees with the production line, company policies and procedures, and the requirements of the job.To familiarize pupils with the skills of planning and organizing information. 2.To familiarize pupils with the use of outside databases e.g. Prestel. 4.
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