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family values

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfamily valuesˌfamily ˈvalues noun [plural]  traditional ideas about what a family should be like, which emphasize the importance of marriage – used especially when talking about politics The party places great emphasis on family values.
Examples from the Corpus
family valuesThis is not about family values.The magazine exploited popular Catholic themes, such as anti-abortion campaigning and family values to channel middle-class resentment into a political movement.In the 1994 bi-election year, prayer in the schools, so-called family values, and similar issues came to the forefront.Indeed, many people here made their money under Republican leadership and cite family values and school choice as their chief concerns.They must contribute towards constructing genuine communities, family values generating City values.This is not because Las Vegas has suddenly discovered family values.They believe in family values so much they've had more than one family.Stories build and illustrate and recall family values.
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