Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: fameus, from Latin fama; FAME


fa‧mous S2 W2
a) known about by many people in many places:
a famous actor
Many famous people have stayed in the hotel.
The Eiffel Tower is a famous landmark (=a famous place or building that is easy to recognize).
famous for
France is famous for its wine.
famous as
Virginia is famous as the birthplace of several US presidents.
Da Vinci's world-famous portrait of the Mona Lisa

the famous

[plural] people who are famous:
a nightclub used by the rich and famous

famous last words

spoken used when someone has said too confidently that they can do something or that something will happen
WORD FOCUS: famous WORD FOCUS: famous
similar words: well-known, celebrated, renowned, eminent, noted, legendary

famous for doing something bad: notorious, infamous

not famous: little-known, unknown, obscure

a famous person: celebrity, celeb informal, star

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