2 verb
fan2 [transitive] past tense and past participle fanned, present participle fanning
1 to make air move around by waving a fan, piece of paper etc so that you feel cooler
fan yourself
People in the audience were fanning themselves with their programmes.
2 literary to make someone feel an emotion more strongly [= fuel]:
Her resistance only fanned his desire.
fan the flames (of something)
The book will serve to fan the flames of debate.

fan a fire/flame etc

to make a fire burn more strongly by blowing or moving the air near it:
The wind rose, fanning a few sparks in the brush.

fan out

phrasal verb
1 if a group of people fan out, they walk forwards while spreading over a wide area

fan something ↔ out

to spread out a group of things that you are holding so that they make a half-circle:
Fan the cards out, then pick one.
3 if something such as hair or clothing fans out, it spreads out in many directions

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