1 verb
fan‧cy1 S3 past tense and past participle fancied, present participle fancying, third person singular fancies [transitive]


British English informal to like or want something, or want to do something [= feel like]:
Fancy a quick drink, Emma?
fancy doing something
Sorry, but I don't fancy going out tonight.

sexual attraction

British English informal to feel sexually attracted to someone:
All the girls fancied him.

fancy yourself

British English informal to behave in a way that shows you think you are very attractive or clever:
That bloke on the dance floor really fancies himself.

fancy yourself (as) something

British English to believe, usually wrongly, that you have particular skills or are a particular type of person:
He fancies himself an artist.
She fancies herself as another Madonna.

think something will be successful

British English to think someone or something is likely to be successful in something:
Which team do you fancy this year?
I don't fancy our chances of getting a ticket this late.

fancy!/fancy that!

British English spoken used to express your surprise or shock about something:
'The Petersons are getting divorced.' 'Fancy that!'
Fancy seeing you here!


literary to think or believe something without being certain
fancy (that)
She fancied she heard a noise downstairs.

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