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Date: 1400-1500
Origin: fantasy


2 noun
fancy2 plural fancies


[singular] especially British English
a) a feeling, especially one that is not particularly strong or urgent, that you like someone or want to have something
take a fancy to somebody/something (=decide that you like someone or want to have something)
Mr Hill took a real fancy to Clara.
Wanting to go to Mexico was just a passing fancy (=the feeling did not last long).
Because of its high cost, a carpet is not an item that you change as the fancy takes you (=whenever you want).

take/catch your fancy

if something takes or catches your fancy, you like it or want to have it:
Did you see anything that took your fancy?

tickle somebody's fancy

informal to seem attractive or amusing to someone:
The idea of playing a joke on her tickled his fancy.


[countable] old-fashioned an idea or opinion that is not based on fact:
Oh, that was just a fancy of his.


[uncountable] literary imagination or something that you imagine

➔ flight of fancy

at flight (6)

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