3 adjective
fancy3 S3 comparative fancier, superlative fanciest
1 fancy hotels, restaurants, cars etc are expensive and fashionable [= swanky]:
Harry took me to a fancy restaurant for our anniversary.
fancy prices British English (=very high and often unreasonable prices)
2 having a lot of decoration or bright colours, or made in a complicated way:
fancy soaps in seashell shapes
I just want a basic sports coat - nothing fancy.
3 complicated and needing a lot of skill [≠ straightforward]:
I can't do all that fancy stuff on the computer.
Negotiating a deal can take some fancy footwork (=skill at making deals).
4 [only before noun] American English fancy food is of a high quality
WORD FOCUS: expensive WORD FOCUS: expensive
high used about prices, rents, or charges
used about restaurants, cars, or clothes that look expensive
used about hotels, restaurants, or cars that look expensive and are used by rich or high-class people
cost a lot
also cost a bomb informal to be very expensive
be out of somebody's price range
to be more than someone can afford to pay
be a rip-off
informal to be much too expensive, so that you feel you have been cheated
exorbitant prices are much too high

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