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fanfarefan‧fare /ˈfænfeə $ -fer/ noun  1 [countable]APM a short loud piece of music played on a trumpet to introduce an important person or event2 [uncountable] a lot of activity, advertising, or discussion relating to an event The deal was announced with much fanfare.
Examples from the Corpus
fanfareThe planetary governor, Lord Voronov-Vaux, and his entourage were seeing the victorious Harq Obispal off with a fanfare.The album was released in June with little fanfare.Goldin resigned last week with little fanfare.The orchestral world is rife with three-minute fanfares, five-minute fantasies and other musical minutiae.This was a transition that took place without a lot of fanfare.A flourish of silver trumpets, their shrill fanfare stilling the chatter, and the Prince entered, holding Gaveston's hand.
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