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fanlightfan‧light /ˈfænlaɪt/ noun [countable]  1 especially British EnglishDHH a small window above a door or a larger window syn transom American English2 American EnglishDHH a window shaped like a half-circle
Examples from the Corpus
fanlightAll the doors have fanlights even though they are in the basement.Robert would not have said that the fanlight was almost obliterated with bird droppings.Dust floated in the beams of light that flooded through the fanlight over the front door.Well, it's not entirely dark ... there's a lamp outside that shines through the fanlight.It looked as if it had only two storeys, but suggested an attic under the fanlight in the roof.She stood directly under the fanlight in the middle of the room.It was small but typically eighteenth-century in origin, with an Adam doorway and spider web fanlight.
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