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fantasiafan‧ta‧si‧a /fænˈteɪziə, ˌfæntəˈziːə $ fænˈteɪʒə/ noun [countable]  APMa piece of music that does not have a regular form or style
Examples from the Corpus
fantasiaThe hotel lobby was a fantasia of streamers and lanterns.But the musical is a vehicle to liberate all the pent-up frustrations of Billy's fantasia.At the same time, I knew they were stupid fantasias but believed that I was helpless in the face of them.
FantasiaFan‧ta‧si‧a /fænˈteɪziə $ -ʒə/ trademark  (1940) a US film made by Walt disney, which consists of a number of different short cartoons, each one with its own piece of classical music. The conductor of the music is Leopold stokowski, and the cartoons include one in which a group of hippopotamuses dance.
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