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Far East

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishFar EastˌFar ˈEast noun   the Far EastFar Eastern adjective Middle East, Near East
Examples from the Corpus
Far EastThey were big news even in the Far East.NatWest also is aiming to build its network in the Far East and other growing regions of the world.Regularly, where intensive cultivation succeeds, civilized people in the Far East occupy only small areas.In the Far East the stomach of one whale was found to contain the indigestible beaks of 20,000 cuttlefish.This ended on the Far East circuits on December 2I, 1918.Unlike the West, which clearly separates the human from the sacred, the Far East makes no such distinction.This efflorescence was undoubtedly linked to general progress throughout the Far East.The Far East is broadly speaking a tropical and sub-tropical world.
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