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far from it

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfar from itfar from itspoken used to say that the opposite of what has just been said is true ‘Are you bored?’ ‘Far from it. I could listen all night.’ Local people aren’t objecting – far from it. far
Examples from the Corpus
far from itAllowing them to make such a decision does not sanction it - far from it.By accepting it, the world is not taking on Western civilization lock, stock and barrel: far from it.I would not afford the remedy of judicial review in all those cases - far from it.Not that Dad was unsympathetic toward animals; far from it.Not that there had been many recently, far from it.Not that we would defend all of what passes or has passed for religion; far from it.This does not mean that only wellknown or straight forward subjects and themes are to be staged. far from it.Being far from it makes it less real.
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