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far from something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfar from somethingfar from somethingOPPOSITE/REVERSEused to say that something very different is true or happens Conditions are still far from ideal.far from doing/being something Far from helping the situation, you’ve just made it worse. far
Examples from the Corpus
far from doing/being somethingHe was far from being a stuffy bureaucrat.The dynamics and importance of H pylori reduced altered mucosal peptic activity is far from being clarified.To mention infantile sexuality is now commonplace, although far from being fully acceptable or comprehensible to many people.But these ships were on a mission that is far from being innocent.She was far from being so, and I always remember her with affection for the way she enlivened my drama classes.But he is far from being the person who was hurt most.But now I find that solitude, far from being the price, is turning out to be the prize.
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