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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfar-reachingˌfar-ˈreaching ●○○ adjective  EFFECT/INFLUENCEhaving a great influence or effectfar-reaching reforms/proposals/changes The country carried out far-reaching reforms to modernize its economy.far-reaching implications/impact/effects Tourism has had far-reaching effects on the island’s culture.
Examples from the Corpus
far-reachingThe effect of these changes will be far-reaching and transport will, in many respects, be at the sharp end.Debate over the far-reaching consequences of the attempted confiscation action should not die with their acquittal.Usually though, to make far-reaching decisions correctly and capitalise on opportunity, vital intelligence is essential.The court's decision will have far-reaching implications for the health care industry.a far-reaching law on environmental protectionNew Labour, by contrast, has embarked on the most far-reaching programme of constitutional reform attempted in this country this century.As Secretary of the Treasury you planted the seeds for the most far-reaching tax reform in our history.far-reaching implications/impact/effectsMuch of this reflects the entrenched acute-service bias of the National Health Service, and major change would have far-reaching implications.This means he must look for what had the most far-reaching effects.The second had far-reaching implications: A new medical discharge policy was announced.That could have far-reaching implications for the country.Monkey business A legal case in Los Angeles County may have far-reaching implications for the rights of our closest non-human relatives.The outcome will set a precedent with far-reaching implications for the whole restitution process.This strange argument has far-reaching implications for understanding Freud's theory as being a social one.This radical break with tradition had far-reaching effects on the tone and substance of the poetry.
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