2 adjective
far2 S1 W1 comparative farther or, further, superlative farthest or, furthest
1 a long distance away [≠ near]:
We can walk to my house from here. It isn't far.
You could see the mountains in the far distance.

the far side/end/corner etc

the side, end etc that is furthest from you [≠ near]:
They crossed the bridge and walked along the far side of the stream.
There was a piano in the far corner of the room.

the far north/south etc

the part of a country or area that is furthest in the direction of north, south etc:
It will become windy in the far north and west.

the far left/right

PPG people who have extreme left-wing or right-wing political opinions:
The candidate for the far right got ten percent of the vote.

be a far cry from something

to be very different from something:
The company lost £3 million, which is a far cry from last year's £60 million profit.

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