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farmingfarm‧ing /ˈfɑːmɪŋ $ ˈfɑːr-/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  TAthe practice or business of growing crops or keeping animals on a farmagriculturesheep/dairy/livestock etc farmingorganic/intensive farming the farming industry
Examples from the Corpus
farmingNo wonder they had let the army take over this area; it was worth nothing for farming.They said they didn't have strong views on intensive farming.Livestock Livestock farming has been seriously affected by the need to produce so much so quickly.They found that the proposals would result in net farming incomes falling by an estimated £11,000 or £12,000.In the wettest and wildest parts of the marshes, fishing and fowling replaced more organized farming.She will most probably be involved in agriculture, in subsistence farming of crops like rice.Gods whose ways co-existed with farming and nature now functioned all the better in the guise of saints.Originally North Dalton was a self-supporting agricultural village with farming being the only means of employment.organic/intensive farmingThe foundation will also research and develop organic farming techniques.In creating one she has inadvertently made a move towards alternative methods of selling that could have great significance for organic farming.Our increase in intensive farming has brought with it an increase in outbreaks of food poisoning.They were replaced by cities dependent on intensive farming to feed them and on great armies to defend them.They said they didn't have strong views on intensive farming.For a start, subsidies themselves encourage over-intensive farming by making it economic to farm marginal land.Yet it was clear that intensive farming was not possible on the poor Pomeranian soil.Some farmers are likely to achieve this by converting to organic farming.
From Longman Business Dictionaryfarmingfarm‧ing /ˈfɑːmɪŋˈfɑːrmɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]FARMING the practice or business of growing crops or keeping animals on a farmmodern methods of farmingthe UK’s farming industry dry farming factory farming intensive farming organic farming
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