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farmsteadfarm‧stead /ˈfɑːmsted $ ˈfɑːrm-/ noun [countable]  TATBa farmhouse and the buildings around it
Examples from the Corpus
farmsteadSurprisingly frequently, leys also pass exactly through important and isolated farmsteads often on a similar orientation to the main buildings.Three low-lying farmsteads outside town are evacuated.All along the route I pass old farmsteads surrounded by ancient sugar maple trees that dangle plastic milk containers.This together with the oldest farmsteads and cottages is built in whole or part of cobbles.She grew up watching birds on her father's farmstead, she explained.Often churches are isolated, serving widely scattered farmsteads.There are now six farmsteads and a few cottages together with a number of modern bungalows.In the outbuildings scattered in the farmstead, workers store supplies, build the products and pack them for shipping.
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