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farmyardfarm‧yard /ˈfɑːmjɑːd $ ˈfɑːrmjɑːrd/ noun [countable]  TAan area surrounded by farm buildings
Examples from the Corpus
farmyardProtected by officers, the team staked out a farmyard where the goatsucker was believed to have attacked.The lane had given way to a farmyard.They were so ubiquitous that grounded bodies used as sheds will be a feature of Britain's farmyards for decades to come.Even in the farmyard, which was snugly sheltered with buildings on three sides, the snow lay deeply.Tess followed the red and white animals, with their great bags of milk under them, into the farmyard.By the time Edward and Cara turned into the farmyard she and David were there to greet them.Later, I made my way into the farmyard and joined a group having something to eat.I entered the barn at the corner of the farmyard.
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