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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfartherfar‧ther1 /ˈfɑːðə $ ˈfɑːrðər-/ adverb  1 FARa greater distance than before or than something else; a comparative form of ‘far’ syn further We decided not to go any farther.farther away/apart/down/along etc The boats were drifting farther and farther apart. a resort town farther up the coastfarther south/north etc Two miles farther south is the village of Santa Catarina. Most of them were locals, but some had come from farther afield (=a greater distance away).2 MORE/EXTRAif you do something farther, you do it more or to a greater degree syn further We’d better investigate farther. The police decided not to take the matter any farther (=do more about it).RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say further rather than farther, and furthest rather than farthest:We decided not to take it any further.This was the furthest away from home I’d ever been.
Examples from the Corpus
fartherA reduced-power transmission would reach out to the fringe of our force and, it was hoped, not farther.A third of its people are homeless and many of them have fled Chechnya altogether in search of safety farther afield.There could be other events, like the flamethrower attack on an observation post farther along the border.It is now well known that distant galaxies are probably about 10 times farther away than Hubble inferred.If she strapped them down to make herself look boyish they just stuck out a foot farther down, and ached.The Navy and its shipyards remain, and have even gained work from closures farther up the coast.farther afieldA third of its people are homeless and many of them have fled Chechnya altogether in search of safety farther afield.But again, we can go even farther afield.For those of us who lived farther afield and were dependent on buses, such participation was seldom possible.Adult birds fail, apparently, to fly farther afield in search of food.What is more, if we look farther afield, our magnificent 100 feet dwindles into insignificance.Black takes advantage of the weather to wander farther afield than previously, and Blue follows.Clubs were cancelling mid-week bookings due to short time and I had to travel farther afield to find work.As you travel farther afield, you find that none of these things is true.take ... fartherThe police will not let us take one step farther.The capacity to generate electricity has been taken even farther by one fish in the Amazon, the electric eel.His first excursion from the house took him no farther than the garden.This, then, takes farther the secret police parable of the first play.
fartherfarther2 adjective [only before noun]  FARmore distant; a comparative form of ‘far’ syn further A table stood at the farther end of the kitchen.
Examples from the Corpus
fartherHe saw the pond they called the lake and the grey bulk of the Mithraeum on the farther shore.