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farthingfar‧thing /ˈfɑːðɪŋ $ ˈfɑːr-/ noun [countable]  PECan old British coin that was worth one quarter of a penny
Examples from the Corpus
farthingOnly yesterday she hadn't cared a farthing for the woman.I do not own a farthing - - bereft in a shipwreck of all but my wedding-ring.But what he had taken at first for raindrops on the wagon floor were actually pennies, halfpennies and farthings scattered everywhere.She always looked at every farthing twice before parting with it.The T.R. may have been unique in having tickets priced in farthings.Her eyes lit up when she opened it and found it full of farthings.The penny farthing made its first appearance in 1870 and was ridden round the world in 1884.On it were her confirmation cross and the farthing Rob had given her soon after they met.
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