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fast track

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfast trackfast tracka way of achieving something more quickly than is normally doneon the fast track a young actress on the fast track to fame and success fast
Examples from the Corpus
on the fast trackNow Chairman Jack Strowger is banking on a bumper Christmas to get profits back on the fast track.Women have sought business degrees to get on the fast track at big corporations.Once on the fast track, the momentum will be relentless.People in Great Groups are never insiders or corporate types on the fast track: They are always on their own track.Uphill task: The drivers on the fast track to the top.
fast trackˈfast track noun [singular]  the fast track to something is the fastest way of achieving it Many saw independence as the fast track to democracy.
Examples from the Corpus
fast trackThe Bar Council believes that there must be a fast track.A genius who chucked the academic fast track for a tar paper cabin with no outhouse?Once on the fast track, the momentum will be relentless.
fast-trackˈfast-track1 adjective [only before noun]  BBBhappening or making progress more quickly than is usual a fast-track procedure for adoption
Examples from the Corpus
fast-trackBThe fast-track combat symbolizes the Gephardt game.Everybody accepts that there is no chance of an agreement to extend the fast-track deadline beyond the beginning of March.Sunday marked the second time that Clinton had been forced to pull the fast-track legislation.Having to adopt the fast-track method made life difficult for all three.My personal opinion is that the project was started too soon, as in any fast-track project like this.Taking the podium, Baker said fast-track trade authority, sought by the Clinton administration, should be approved by Congress.
fast-trackˈfast-track2 verb [transitive]  to help something happen or make progress more quickly than usual Your application can be fast-tracked for a fee.From Longman Business Dictionaryfast trackˈfast track noun [singular]HUMAN RESOURCES a quick and direct path to getting jobs that are more important and better paidHe is a middle manager in his 30s, on the fast track for promotion.one of the bank’s fast track graduatesfast tracking noun [uncountable]Fast tracking of managers with high potential can slow down managerial development of the company as a whole.
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