1 adverb
fast1 S2 W3

moving quickly

moving quickly:
Slow down - you're driving too fast.
Johnny ran off as fast as his legs could carry him (=running as quickly as he could).

in a short time

happening in a short time:
Kids grow up fast these days.
The survivors needed help fast.
How fast can you get the job done?
fast becoming/disappearing/approaching etc
Access to the Internet is fast becoming a necessity.
It all happened so fast I didn't even notice I was bleeding.

fast asleep

sleeping very deeply:
Nick was lying on the sofa, fast asleep.

be stuck/held fast

to become or be firmly fixed and unable to move:
The boat was stuck fast in the mud.
She tried to pull her hand free, but it was held fast.

be getting/be going nowhere fast

informal to not succeed in making progress or achieving something:
I kept asking her the same question, but I was getting nowhere fast.

not so fast

spoken used to tell someone not to be too eager to do or believe something:
Not so fast. We've got to prove it first, haven't we?

fast by something

literary very close to something:
fast by the river

➔ play fast and loose with somebody

at play1 (30)

; ➔ stand fast

at stand1 (25)

; ➔ thick and fast

at thick2 (2)
moving very quickly: at high speed, like lightning, at top speed, flat out

doing something quickly: quick, rapid, swift, prompt, speedy

happening quickly: rapid, speedy, meteoric, at an alarming rate, in no time

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