Language: Old English
Origin: fæst 'firm'


2 adjective
Related topics: Sport
fast2 S2 W2

moving quickly

moving or able to move quickly:
a fast car
He's one of the fastest runners in the world.

in a short time

doing something or happening in a short time:
The subway is the fastest way to get downtown.
The company must give a faster response to clients' requests.
The rainforests are being chopped down at an alarmingly fast rate.
I'm a fast learner.


[not before noun] a clock that is fast shows a later time than the real time:
That can't be the time - my watch must be fast.
five minutes/an hour etc fast
I always keep my watch 15 minutes fast.

fast track

a way of achieving something more quickly than is normally done
a young actress on the fast track to fame and success

fast road

TTR a road on which vehicles can travel very quickly

fast film/lens

TCP a film or lens (2) that can be used when there is little light, or when photographing something that is moving very quickly


a colour that is fast will not change when clothes are washed colourfast


DS a fast surface is one on which a ball moves very quickly

fast and furious

done very quickly with a lot of effort and energy, or happening very quickly with a lot of sudden changes:
Arsenal's opening attack was fast and furious.

somebody is a fast worker

informal used to say that someone can get what they want very quickly, especially in starting a sexual relationship with another person

fast talker

someone who talks quickly and easily but is often not honest or sincere


old-fashioned becoming involved quickly in sexual relationships with men:
fast cars and fast women

make something fast

to tie something such as a boat or tent firmly to something else

fast friends

literary two people who are very friendly for a long time
fast food, fast-forward, fast lane

; ➔ make a fast buck

at buck1 (1)

; ➔ pull a fast one

at pull1 (10)

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