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ldoce_040_ffastenerfas‧ten‧er /ˈfɑːsə $ ˈfæsənər/ (also fastening /ˈfaːsənɪŋ $ ˈfæ-/) noun [countable]  1 DCCsomething that you use to join something together, such as a button on a piece of clothing shoes with velcro fasteners2 something that is used to keep a door, window etc firmly shut syn latch
Examples from the Corpus
fastenerFix the batten in place with angle brackets, then attach the blind with touch-and-close fastener.One handle plus a range of blades equals coverage of many different fasteners, easy portability and savings on toolbox space.The company, a subsidiary of the Caparo Group, produces high-quality steel wire for fasteners and for the furniture industry.Locate the fasteners about inch from the edge of the deck board.No injuries or accidents have been blamed on the fasteners.a Velcro fastener
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