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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfatfat1 /fæt/ ●●● S1 W2 adjective (comparative fatter, superlative fattest)  1 fleshFAT weighing too much because you have too much flesh on your body opp thin Are you suggesting I’m too fat? a short fat man in his early fifties You’ll get fat if you eat all that chocolate. He looks much fatter than in his photo.2 objectTHICK OBJECT OR MATERIAL thick or wide opp thin Dobbs was smoking a fat cigar. a big fat book3 money [only before noun] informalLOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNT containing or worth a large amount of money a fat cheque Of course the supermarkets’ aim is to make fat profits.4 fat chance5 (a) fat lot of good/use6 fat cat7 in fat city8 grow fat on something9 a fat lip10 approval informal another spelling of phat – used to show approval, especially of someone or something that is fashionable, interesting, or attractivefat/phat beats (=music that sounds good) Check out these fat beats.fatness noun [uncountable] a rise in fatness in childrenTHESAURUSfat having too much flesh on your body. It is rude to tell someone that they are fat. It is also better not to use any of these words when talking directly to someone about their bodyShe thinks she’s fat.He looks the same, just a little fatter.overweight weighing more than you shouldMany medical conditions are caused by being overweight.She was several kilos overweight.big/large used when saying that someone has a big body. Large is more common than big in written EnglishMy father was a big man.two large ladiesobese extremely fat in a way that is dangerous to your healthHe went to a summer camp for obese teenagers.chubby slightly fat in a nice-looking way – used especially about babies and childrenA chubby little baby was playing on the rug.plump a woman or child who is plump is slightly fat, especially in a pleasant wayHer mother was a plump cheerful woman.flabby having soft loose skin that looks unattractivea flabby stomachHer body was getting old and flabby.portly literary fat and round – used especially about fairly old menThe bishop was a portly middle-aged gentleman.
Examples from the Corpus
fatSally hates going swimming -- she thinks her legs are too fat.Though she weighed only six stone, she thought she was fat.After thirty years, Teddy looked just the same, only a little fatter.He's short and fat.The children's fat Christmas stockings bulged with surprises.A tall man was smoking a fat cigar.I'm getting too fat for my clothes.I always look so fat in pictures.There was a nice fat letter waiting for him the next morning.Peter was a fat little boy.The fat man over to his right had leaned down to the floor.Most fat people simply eat too much by normal standards.Remember that old joke: In every fat person there is a thin one trying to get out.fat red plastic earringsThe colonel rubbed his fat stomach, reaching for something from the table to put into his mouth.My stomach's much fatter than yours.He left the waitress a nice fat tip.He pulled out a fat wallet stuffed with banknotes.get fatThe cat's starting to get fat.I want to remain exceptionally thin, because then I am never likely to get fat.Sir Alan will be fired before the goose gets fat.You can have your cake and eat it; the only trouble is, you get fat.A cyclical deficit is like Melvin, who, understandably, gets fat in the hospital, because he can not exercise.It may not look like it in the mirror, but getting fat is all in your head.He was obviously getting fat on his pickings, whatever his game was.While some special interests get fat, the average taxpayer gets stuck cleaning up the manure and feeling pretty frail.fat profitsGrocer profits While other retailers are dropping like flies, supermarkets are making fat profits.The computer diet that could mean fat profits.The whole system was financed by smuggling gold purchased by his clients' money, and the organiser made fat profits.He mentions the fat profits of the pharmaceutical companies.
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fatfat2 ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 [uncountable]HBA a substance that is stored under the skin of people and animals, that helps to keep them warm Rolls of fat bulged over his collar. I didn’t like the meat – there was too much fat on it.2 [countable, uncountable]DFN an oily substance contained in certain foods Cream has a high fat content.high/low in fat This cheese is relatively low in fat. You should think about reducing your fat intake (=the amount of fat you eat).high-fat/low-fat a low-fat diet saturated fat3 [countable, uncountable]DFC an oily substance taken from animals or plants and used in cooking Place the chicken in the hot fat.4 the fat is in the fire5 live off the fat of the land6 run to fat chew the fat at chew1(4), → puppy fat
Examples from the Corpus
fatPlace over medium-high heat and reduce by half, skimming off any fat that accumulates on surface.Fry the potatoes in oil or bacon fat.Scissor-snip the bacon fat at intervals to help it release its fat.As a result of this, the amount of calories, fat and saturated fat is very much reduced.Tea, margarine and cooking fat were rationed to 2 ozs per week.Wipe off all excess fat and slice thinly to serve.It had a nutty flavor and very little fat.A portion of tuna packed in water contains 1.2 grams of fat.A roll of fat bulged over his belt.He added a side of potatoes that included some fat.Take two chicken breasts, and cut off all the fat.The simple changes reduce the total fat in the diet by quiet a large amount.fat intakeFurthermore, dietary manipulation studies have shown that high fat intake can increase faecal bile acid excretion.Getting your diet right Reduce fat intake - to 15% of your diet or less.So it is also the diet to choose if you have sensibly taken to heart the well-established benefits of reducing fat intake.These foods will make up the calories they are losing when cutting down on their saturated fat intake.Poly-unsaturated fats should constitute the next largest share of your fat intake, after mono-unsaturated fats.
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