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fat cat

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfat catfat catinformalRICH someone who has too much money, especially someone who is paid too much for their job – used to show disapproval the fat cats at the top who have recently been given obscene pay increases fat
Examples from the Corpus
fat catToo often they are viewed as' ambulance-chasing fat cats'.The painting, with the two fat cats at the base of the steps, was thought to be by her.They do not resent the city fat cats, but believe top businessmen deserve success.Why should those fat cats get rich through our efforts?Teacher: Are there more fat cats than thin cats?And far from silently resenting the city fat cats, they believe top businessmen deserve success.
From Longman Business Dictionaryfat catˌfat ˈcat noun [countable] journalism disapproving a rich person, especially someone who does not deserve to be richPilots have a bad image among their co-workers, who view them as fat cats who earn higher salaries.corporate fat cats and their big bonuses
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