Language: Old English
Origin: fætt


1 adjective
fat1 S2 W3 comparative fatter, superlative fattest


weighing too much because you have too much flesh on your body [≠ thin]:
Are you suggesting I'm too fat?
a short fat man in his early fifties
You'll get fat if you eat all that chocolate.
He looks much fatter than in his photo.


thick or wide [≠ thin]:
Dobbs was smoking a fat cigar.
a big fat book


[only before noun] informal containing or worth a large amount of money:
Of course the supermarkets' aim is to make fat profits.

fat chance

informal used to say that something is very unlikely to happen
fat chance of
'You can go to bed now and sleep easy.' 'Fat chance of that!'

(a) fat lot of good/use

spoken not at all useful or helpful:
Fat lot of use you are in the kitchen.

fat cat

informal someone who has too much money, especially someone who is paid too much for their job - used in order to show disapproval:
the fat cats at the top who have recently been given obscene pay increases

in fat city

American English old-fashioned having plenty of money

grow fat on something

to become rich because of something used to show disapproval:
The finance men had grown fat on managing other people's money.

a fat lip

informal a lip that is swollen because it has been hit:
My friend was badly injured with bruised ribs and a fat lip.


informal another spelling of phat; used to show approval, especially of someone or something that is fashionable, interesting, or attractive
fat/phat beats (=music that sounds good)
Check out these fat beats.
fatness noun [uncountable]
a rise in fatness in children

fat, overweight, obese, chubby, plump, big, well-built
In general, people do not like to be called fat. But some ways to say 'fat' are less rude than others.fat is a very direct word. You might use it about yourself but it will usually cause offence if you use it about someone else I'm so fat at the moment!overweight is a more polite way to say that someone is fatter than they usually are or than they should be She is a little overweight.obese is a word used especially by doctors to describe people who are very fat, in a way that is bad for their health.chubby is a more informal word and is used especially of children or of rounded body parts such as cheeks or knees.plump means fat and rounded in a pleasant way a plump, motherly womanbig and well-built are fairly polite ways to describe someone with a large, strong, or fat body For big men like him, air travel can be uncomfortable.

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