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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfatedfat‧ed /ˈfeɪtɪd/ adjective  CERTAINLY/DEFINITELYcertain to happen or to do something because a mysterious force is controlling events syn destinedbe fated to do something I’m fated to spend my last years in an old folks’ home. ill-fated
Examples from the Corpus
fatedBut he was still fated not to complete his voyage without problems.Even so, he feared that St Matthew's was fated to be the centre of a dreadful attention.His daughter was fated to face the same problem.be fated to do somethingIt seems that she was fated to be alone in life.Think of it this way: Two people are wrecked on an island and one of them is fated to be murdered.It was not ideal but it was a faitaccompli and one was fated to comply with it.Cook may have sensed that, like a cloud of anti-matter, he was fated to destroy whatever he discovered.Achilles was fated to die after Hector.Achilles was kept back by his mother. She knew that if he went to Troy he was fated to die there.Admetos, king of Thessaly, is fated to die unless some one is prepared to die in his place.Apollo had declared that he was fated to kill his father.Harold Steptoe, for all his bourgeois dreams, was fated to live in a rag and bone shop.Bonnie and Clyde were fated to meet death in 1934.As we now know, the various postcommunist countries were fated to suffer through severe economic crises.
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