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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfatteningfat‧ten‧ing /ˈfætn-ɪŋ/ ●○○ adjective  FATlikely to make you fat Fats are the most fattening foods of all.
Examples from the Corpus
fatteningI shouldn't have any more of this cake. It's way too fattening.Fats are more than twice as fattening as any other food.She loves chicken and wanted ways to liven it up without using fattening butter or cream sauces.a fattening dessertAvoid fattening desserts --eat a piece of fruit instead.The weight-conscious so often choose the most fattening dishes on the menu, in the mistaken idea that they were being virtuous.I do try to keep away from fattening foods, but my greatest weakness is chocolate cake.Fats are by far the most fattening foods of all.So skimmed milk is now easily available, since people have become more aware of the dangerously fattening potential of full-cream milk.I feel the need for another fattening snack.Grill the fish instead of frying it. It's less fattening that way.
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