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fattyfat‧ty1 /ˈfæti/ adjective  DFNcontaining a lot of fat fatty foods
Examples from the Corpus
fattyThe maximum concentration of free fatty acid in the incubation mixture was calculated to be 50 µM.The extracted triglycerides may then undergo hydrolysis to yield fatty acids and glycerol.Among numerous negative results he found some quite simple compounds, aldehydes and fatty acids, which stimulated oxygen uptake.Most plasticisers are soluble in fat and wrapping fatty food in this material is another way of increasing migration.Most people also underestimate the calories provided by fatty foods and fat-containing sauces and dressings.Preliminary analysis at a London laboratory shows that it contains fatty globules of lipids and is organic, of animal origin.Are your knees chubby, with little fatty pads around the top of each knee?
fattyfatty2 noun (plural fatties) [countable] informal  FATan insulting word for someone who is fat
Examples from the Corpus
fattyHe reviewed a gallery of the great fatties of all time, from Nero through Falstaff to Arbuckle.Get a proper job, fatties.I insisted that we ride the fatties and leave Ram Rahim behind to eat, he being the thinnest of the three.
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