2 verb
fear2 W2
1 [intransitive and transitive] to feel afraid or worried that something bad may happen:
Fearing violence, the group asked for police protection.
fear (that)
Police fear that there may be further terrorist attacks.
fear to do something formal:
Women feared to go out at night.
fear for somebody
His wife seemed depressed, and he feared for his children.
fear for somebody's safety/life
a terrifying ordeal in which she feared for her life
Hundreds of people are feared dead in the ferry disaster.

fear the worst

to think that the worst possible thing has happened or might happen:
When Tom heard about the accident he immediately feared the worst.
3 [transitive] to be afraid of someone and what they might do:
As a leader, he was distrusted and even feared.

I fear

formal used when telling someone that you think that something bad has happened or is true
I fear (that)
I fear that there is little more we can do.
I fear so/I fear not
'Were they satisfied?' 'I fear not.'

fear not/never fear

formal used to tell someone not to worry:
Never fear, he'll be with us soon.

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