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featherweightfeath‧er‧weight /ˈfeðəweɪt $ -ər-/ noun [countable]  DSOa boxer who weighs less than 57.15 kilograms, and who is heavier than a bantamweight but lighter than a lightweight
Examples from the Corpus
featherweightIndeed, he was to train as a featherweight boxer during his year as a student at Battersea Polytechnic.Darlington featherweight Jacob Smith signed a pro contract yesterday.Rab thought of Winnie, her featherweight and money in the bank.Just up two flights of stairs was quite enough, thank you - you're no featherweight.You can only speculate at how Phoenix featherweight Louie Espinoza would have fared in the bout.The problem seems to be that Cleese and co-writer Iain Johnstone have taken the featherweight demands of the romantic comedy to heart.
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