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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfeaturelessfea‧ture‧less /ˈfiːtʃələs $ -tʃər-/ adjective  BORINGa featureless place has no interesting parts to notice featureless plains
Examples from the Corpus
featurelessIndividual films were separated by a 10 second featureless blue field.It was flat, featureless coastline.Out of a starting point in a constant featureless environment, life spontaneously diversified.a large featureless expanse of desertEveryone stared, their blank, featureless masks almost macabre.In the middle of these otherwise featureless plains is a striking range of mountains.Yet in the middle of these featureless plains snakes a striking range of peaks.For the rest, the terrain was mainly featureless sand with the dunes constantly moving.It was one of those featureless, slightly off-centre voices.Down those featureless slopes the rainwater drained, forming streams and rivers that began to erode the rock.
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