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fecesfe‧ces /ˈfiːsiːz/ noun [plural]  HBthe American spelling of faecesfecal /ˈfiːkəl/ adjective
Examples from the Corpus
fecesThe hospital smelled of ammonia and feces.Inside were six small children found living in squalor, the smell of urine and feces permeating the house.He was obsessed with counting his jaw movements, as well as weighing his feces to see what was being digested.Clearly disturbed, Brown stripped off his clothes and sat in the cell naked, covered with his own feces.Here adenosine helps control the tone of the smooth muscles used to propel feces on its way.He smeared feces all over himself.This malabsorption results in an excess lipid accumulation in the feces that is known as steatorrhea.However, the lack of bile flow into the intestines will result in neither urobilinogen nor urobilin being found in the feces.
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