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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfedfed1 /fed/  the past tense and past participle of feed1 fed up
Examples from the Corpus
fedA compact disk player, rare for its day, fed Chopin and the Rolling Stones into fierce-looking, six-foot MartinLogan speakers.The Fed delivered a Goldilocks economy -- not too hot, not too cold -- and stocks and bonds soared.Fresh fuel is either fed directly into the firing chamber or through openings in the side of the kiln.The Fed recently lowered the funds rate to 5. 50 % from 5. 75 %.He fed the crystal into a reader and watched with interest as the file scrolled up.It turned out she was just as fed up as me, and we were not the only ones.This raises doubts about some of the signposts the Fed used to rely on.
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fedfed2 noun [countable] American English informal  SCa police officer in the FBI
FedFed noun American English infml  1 a criminal's name for an FBI agent2 a person who works for a US government agency and is often seen as causing trouble in the lives of ordinary peopleFed, thethe FedFed, the American English infml  1 the federal reserve bank2 the federal reserve systemFrom Longman Business DictionaryFedFed /fed/ nounORGANIZATIONSFINANCE the Fed an informal name for the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD, or the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEMThe bond market rallied as the Fed eased monetary conditions.