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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfee-payingˈfee-ˌpaying adjective British English  1 fee-paying school2 fee-paying student/patient
Examples from the Corpus
fee-payingAn increasing proportion of these services will be provided by local communities on a fee-paying basis.Even fee-paying pupils could, if parental circumstances entitled them, receive full or partial remission of fees at the public expense.Then there was the resentment over the fur coat she was deprived of because I was sent to a fee-paying school.Since last summer at least 256 teachers had lost their jobs after 10 fee-paying schools folded, said officials.Over three quarters of the House of Lords attended fee-paying schools of one sort or another.But the punishment was still permitted in some fee-paying schools, provided that was not against the parents' principles.
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