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feel around/on/in etc something (for something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfeel around/on/in etc something (for something)feel around/on/in etc something (for something)LOOK FORto search for something with your fingers She felt in her bag for a pencil. feel
Examples from the Corpus
feel around/on/in etc something (for something)After she had put the phone down, she felt in a daze.I returned to my book, the hot feeling in my face returned to its rightful place.One of my reasons for becoming involved in Westland was that I felt in some respects that I owed them something.She was not feeling in the least cheerful however when the taxi dropped her off at Ven's home.She would understand; that was how he felt in the stores.This feeling in turn hardens into lack of interest in work.Whether you feel in any way responsible depends on your viewpoint.
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