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feel bad

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfeel badfeel bada) GUILTY/FEEL GUILTYto feel ashamed or sorry about somethingfeel bad about (doing) something I felt bad about not being able to come last night.feel bad for I feel bad for Ann – she studied so hard for that test and she still didn’t pass. b) to feel ill bad
Examples from the Corpus
feel badWe had a long talk about it afterwards and I know she felt bad.Being with the nuns only made it feel worse.I felt bad about David, whose roots are in labor.Continually feeling bad about how your body looks limits your self-esteem, which eventually undercuts your immune power.I felt bad about not being able to come last night.I feel bad about not going to Debbie's party, but I've just got too much to do.I feel bad about what I said. Things haven't been easy for either of us.It's very ... I felt bad afterwards.That makes me feel bad because I don't want to go anywhere else.Do I feel bad, exploited, put down?Whenever I go to London I feel bad for Georgie.Turning the mirror over, I feel worse than before.I should have told Helen I was sorry. I feel really bad that I didn't.
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