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feel/be lost

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfeel/be lostfeel/be lostCONFIDENTto not feel confident about what to do or how to behave It’s not unusual to feel rather lost when you first start college. She’s a great friend and I’d be lost without her. lost
Examples from the Corpus
feel/be lostSome will revel in having more time for themselves; others will feel lost.Sometimes, valuable time can be lost.The sickening feel of woollen gloves being pulled on to your hands and hitting and blunting your fingertips so touch was lost.I walked on and yet it was all new and different and I realized I was lost again.Energy expressed in a passive way is lost for ever.I was lost in a little ocean of fog.To his bemusement there was no chill, or else the chill was lost on him.Many pilots will drift into other careers and be lost to the industry for good.I'd be lost without all your help.
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