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feel free

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfeel freefeel freespokenYES used to tell someone that they can do something if they want to ‘Could I use your phone for a minute?’ ‘Feel free.’feel free to do something Please feel free to make suggestions. feel
Examples from the Corpus
feel free to do somethingFeel free to add your own ingredients.Potential authors should also feel free to approach the Series Editor with suggested topics for Monographs.Please feel free to bring items to my house anytime between now and Sunday 14 October.Protected by their enormous allowances and comfortable working conditions, they feel free to carry on behaving how they wish.In the New World preachers felt free to encroach and poach in search of souls.An environment must be created in which partners can feel free to raise or lower their involvement as is appropriate.He felt free to stare or even lift the binoculars openly.If you can get rice bran, feel free to substitute it.You need to write only one paragraph, but feel free to write more if you like.
feel freefeel freespokenLET/ALLOW used to tell someone that they can do something Feel free to ask questions. ‘Can I use your bathroom?’ ‘Yes, feel free.’ free
Examples from the Corpus
feel freeBut she tells me she still does not feel free.How did you say you felt free for the first time in your life?I felt free in a new way.So how is it they feel free to ask those parallel questions of other people?If not, feel free to discard them and draw your own.If you should wish to look inside the packet, before sending it, feel free to do so.So he felt free to go for broke.Help him or her feel free to talk.
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