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feel/know something in your bones

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfeel/know something in your bonesfeel/know something in your bonesPREDICTto be certain that something is true, even though you have no proof and cannot explain why you are certain She knew that something good was sure to happen; she could feel it in her bones. bone
Examples from the Corpus
feel/know something in your bonesI know nothing's ever going to happen - I can feel it in my bones.I can feel it in my bones.The fog horn started booming, a deep, thrilling vibration that Madame Astarti could feel resonate in her bones.He could feel it in his bones, and he knew he could trust the feeling.Something was very wrong, she could feel it in her bones, but what was it?She could feel it in her bones.He felt sure in his bones that their man would try something tonight.And he was innocent of murder; she felt it in her bones.
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